2017-05-07 21:02:06 by G3no

Commission Price Listing:

This is for 1 character, full body shot / waist n' up shot (whatever it may be) in any pose of your choosing.

Monochrome Rough: $15 dollars with One color

Simple Colored Sketch (rough) : $25 dollars for a colored drawing without Inked lines

Anything that is inked: 30$


1. $40 dollars for a flat color rendition with some shadows of your commission.

2. $60 dollars for a detailed coloring rendition of your commission.

Additional Characters:

1. (1) Additional character is %5 off total commission

2. (2) Additional characters are %10 off total commission

3. (3 or more) Additional characters are subject to discussion, and must be paid upfront before starting

Do you have a question? Are you unsure of what you want? Directly message me to ask me anything. Reach me at twitter, tumblr, newgrounds or here, whatever works.


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