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Posted by G3no - May 28th, 2014





I trust I wasn't one of those inconveniences. I was being quite honest with my previous commission request. If there was/is a problem with perspective/complexity/not enough reference pictures, please let me know.

The woman with the sword needn't be topless.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj6DAm9GS5A Mass Effect is definitely a popular videogame series, and would certainly gain you some attention.

no you were not the problem, hah, it was something ridiculous that happened over here.

so what you want exactly is : rainbow bird > flying out of the eyehole of a skull > in the mouth of a
"threshermaw ? " > with a naked woman holding a sword on its back .

yeah, i would need at least 1 more reference picture, just to make sure everything is right

Also, the background should be transparent... since it's a tattoo and all.

but is there not some other reference, or do you want my take on it?

EDIT: Nvm, i read your other message

So how's it going, you take care of that other commissioned piece yet?

i'm so sorry to have kept you waiting like this, i can't believe so much time has passed already,
i just opened commissions at a bad time (i'm not closing), had to deal with several frustrating things
you can tell since i haven't posted anything in a long time.
but it is on it's way.

I know that feel man; the older you get, the faster time passes. Little frustrations become terrible adult responsibilities. And being an artist makes it all the more difficult.

If it doesn't jibe your mysterious vibe you got going here, may I demystify a question?

You drew your characters Matt and Ellie shooting guns and apparently 'pretending' to be police. What interests me is that you didn't quite draw the guns looking exactly like real, functional models and I wonder if you did this intentionally to relax the standards of reality for the piece's playtime. So did you do it this way? Do you care if you drew guns 'wrong'?

Huh, one more fan and you're officially 1337 (leet)!