Starting commissions

2013-06-29 00:36:04 by G3no

Opening commissions
this is the first time i do this, here are the prices for now
Sketch (character) = 10$
^ Black and white =15$
Colored = 25$
simple background = 10$
detailed background = 20$
accepting payment through paypal
if you've got something in mind or have any questions please PM me. thanks


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2013-11-21 15:00:19

Wow making $10 dollars an hour now that's business. lol well more like 2-3 seems seems I could barely draw simple anime characters and I somehow mess-up on the face so yeah good luck with your commissions your art style is fascinating.

G3no responds:

glad to hear you like my style , thanks


2013-11-22 05:57:18

Wow, I've been so busy enjoying your work, I had no idea you were looking for work!
Have you done many commissions (presuming you initially posted this in late June)?
I've recently been asking artists here for their take on my avatar, Asterix the Gaul... are you familiar with him?

G3no responds:

oh yeah i've read several comics about him


2013-12-05 10:39:29

It's time for me to get a job for once . . . how many time have i told myself to get one anyway.
Oh well i hope you'll keep your offer available for a while.
In the mean time that gives me more time to think about what would be great.